Building a successful practice as a Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative requires motivation to succeed, hard work, and confidence in your abilities and knowledge of our products and services. You will gain this confidence through proper training and development – both top priorities within our group. Our strategic development plan incorporates best practices that will guide you through each stage of your career – from establishing your initial business plan, managing a growing practice, and succession planning. We are with you every step of the way. 

You will receive fundamental industry and sales training, access to online educational resources, and will be able to take part in mentoring and joint work programs to gain hands-on experience. 

Career Development

Career development depends on a number of factors:

  • A vivid vision
  • Consistent adherence to the industry-wide system created by O. Alfred Granum
  • The art and science of Building a Financial Services Clientele
  • Personal motivation and drive
  • A genuine interest in helping people achieve their hopes and dreams

Planning Process

Our competitive advantage, within the financial services industry, is to focus on the planning process. This process involves understanding people’s hopes and dreams. In face-to-face meetings, we gather both factual and feeling information and begin discussion. Having first understood what our clients want to achieve, we can then provide a detailed financial plan/analysis to help them identify their blind spots. Finally, we use world-class products and expert advisors to implement specific recommendations for our clients. 


Development is broken down into four parts:

  1. We begin with the end in mind.
  2. We expect our Representatives and advisors to have a vivid vision of what they want to achieve personally, professionally and financially.
  3. We lead by example when advising our clients.
  4. We work toward short-term, measurable goals realized through results.

Executing the art and science ofBuilding a Financial Services Clientele requires high expectations of our career representatives. Our mentors are committed to holding their career representatives accountable to the daily effort required to achieve their visions. Matthew Rewasiewicz holds weekly development and client builder meetings to record and measure the efforts and results of his Financial Representatives.  Because of Northwestern Mutual’s high expectations for success, Northwestern Mutual of Waukesha also provides a high level of staff support to leverage the Representative’s consulting time leaving more time for face-to-face client meetings. In this way Matthew Rewasiewicz is able to mentor and guide effectively therefore ensuring the group’s success. 

Coaching and Mentoring

A variety of coaching and mentoring programs are also offered, including:

Record Activity Compared to Expectation Program (RACE)

These daily meetings with Matthew occur during a new Financial Representative’s first two months to keep them on track and hold them accountable for their goals. 

Weekly Activity Coaching

These weekly development meetings assist new Financial Representatives in producing solid sales and building the foundation for a successful business practice (after RACE). 

Weekly and Monthly Client Builders

These weekly and monthly study groups foster the growth and development of a new Financial Representative’s business.


As full-time college students, interns generally work 15 to 20 hours per week developing their business as well as client building skills. In many respects, our interns follow the same process for establishing their careers as our full-time Financial Representatives.

Learn more about our Internship opportunities

Training and Development Programs

Equally as important and in conjunction with executing the business model are the Training and Development programs for our Representatives.

Our strategic Training and Development Plan incorporates best practices that will guide new Representatives through each stage of their career:

  1. Establishing your initial business plan
  2. Managing a growing practice
  3. Eventual succession planning 

Northwestern Mutual of Waukesha stands behind their new Representatives every step of the way. This support gives new Representatives the confidence they need for early and sustainable long-term success.

Fastrack Training System

The Fastrack Training System, through interactive learning, gives new Representatives the confidence and skills needed to become successful members of Northwestern Mutual. There are three components to the system: Basics, SalesSchool, and Comprehensive Ongoing Representative Education (CORE)

Fastrack Basics

This system provides Representatives with background and knowledge to maximize their Fastrack Sales School experience and get them off to a fast start in the business. During this stage, Representatives finalize their personalized marketing plan and become familiar with field-tested sales language for use with prospects and clients. As a new Representative, you will learn about: 

  • Insurance, finance, and sales cycle concepts
  • How to manage your activity
  • Northwestern Mutual’s products, services and traditions

This training puts a strong emphasis on the risk management stage of your clients’ lives – success in your career rests on your ability to help your clients meet these basic financial protection needs. Wealth accumulation, preservation, and distribution build on this foundation to help you grow your business and offer opportunities to work with network advisors and specialists. 


This school will helps new Representatives build a foundation of knowledge in Northwestern Mutual’s sales techniques, with an emphasis on the art of obtaining favorable introductions and comprehensive fact-finding. At the end of training, new Representatives will understand how to:

  • Prepare for prospecting, handle objections and effectively build relationships
  • Ask probing and challenging questions to uncover a prospective client’s needs
  • Identify and understand a prospect’s needs to help create unique solutions
  • Convey your conviction for our business and our needs-analysis process 

Fastrack CORE

CORE is a three-part follow-up training curriculum that includes three training programs:

  • Fastrack CORE
  • COREplus

These programs are designed to successfully impact new Representatives’ businesses and inspire them to be career representatives with Northwestern Mutual. CORE and COREplus include non-variable topics, ranging from product training and skill building to business management. VIP CORE reinforces the knowledge and sales skills needed to get properly licensed, registered Representatives off to a fast start in offering variable and investment products to their prospects and clients. 

The Learning Network

Access to our online Learning Network provides quality, job-related training in a timely, consistent, and convenient manner. It encompasses many types of learning events, formats and materials. It uses familiar, traditional formats, such as:

  • Schools and seminars
  • Books, CDs and DVDs
  • New methods of learning that utilize technology, including online courses and exams, webcasts, and virtual classrooms.

Career Changers

Changing careers doesn't have to be daunting. Coming from many different backgrounds and occupations, our financial representatives go on to develop successful business practices. With support from a quality organization, it can be an easy transition.

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